- Presentation video for the Dreampunk project !

- Second gaming video (FR) : Fall Guys !
- Remastered version of How to Make Magic

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Commander Album

Les DreamRadios

This is the ROCK RADIO
You can change to : - HAPPY RADIO - ZEN RADIO - TRIPPY RADIO

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Music Videos

Hidden Basement: My latest music video, with S.T.X. (12/2019)
Cover The World: Each video features a song cover from a different band, played by myself and a musician from a different country. Cover. The World. Challenge accepted!

Random Videos

Bonus : Random videos about pretty much anything I want to experiment.
Blabla : Miscellaneous talks about my projects, travel experiences and life reflections.

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SpeX Yourself !

SpeX Yourself ! is my previous project (2006-2014).
The songs talk about SpeX, an alien child, and his friends.

You can still access the HyperSpeX here :

Pokémon Go VS Dreampunk

Pokémon Go VS Dreampunk is a video game I created with Scratch.

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About Me

I like the idea of being 100% free with my project.
I made the choice to keep it as a passion, rather than depending on it to live.
This was the healthiest path to me, allowing me to come up with the most sincere stuff.
Exploring new arts whenever I feel like it, or playing with a new music genre :
If I wanna try out, let's say reggae... I can ! (not saying it will sound nice...)

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