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- Video: Cover of Jam (Michael Jackson) with Kazar / Isaac Bonan

- Video editing for Hidden Basement

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Album #2 (2013) - Fistful of Sounds

Last album recorded under the name "SpeX Yourself !", it tells the story of SpeX, an alien child.
While our friends are chilling, relaxing in their little world, something terrible happens :
"The sounds of the HyperSpeX have been stolen !"
This fascinating universe suddenly finds itself in some sort of gigantic terrifyingly quiet bubble...
It's the story of a silence. Told with sounds.

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Music Videos

Cover The World : Each video features a song cover from a different band, played by myself and a musician from a different country. Cover. The World. Challenge accepted !
Mini-Live : Short music videos in random places. Original songs + covers.

Random Videos

Bonus : Random videos about pretty much anything I want to experiment.
Blabla : Miscellaneous talks about my projects, travel experiences and life reflections.

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  • Forget about "Avocado and Vegemite". The new thing is "Dreampunk and Vegemite".

    H. Jackman
  • Dreampunk ? What a fantastic fella... ella... ella...

  • Man, I'd love to work with that guy if I was still around...

    M. Jackson
  • I'm really objective when I say Dreampunk is the best artist of all times !



SpeX Yourself !

SpeX Yourself ! is my previous project (2006-2014).
The songs talk about SpeX, an alien child, and his friends.

You can still access the HyperSpeX here :

Pokémon Go VS Dreampunk

Pokémon Go VS Dreampunk is a video game I created with Scratch.

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About Me

I like the idea of being 100% free with my project.
I made the choice to keep it as a passion, rather than depending on it to live.
This was the healthiest path to me, allowing me to come up with the most sincere stuff.
Exploring new arts whenever I feel like it, or playing with new music styles :
If I wanna try out, let's say reggae... I can ! (not saying it will sound nice...)

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